Alan Chan

The SILKROAD Collection is all about Sharing

Alan Chan, the Design Master from Hong Kong premiered his first furniture – The “SILKROAD” Collection, which is a perfect combination of the western culture and modern oriental aesthetics. Reflecting the modern interpretation of west meets east furniture design, this timeless collection is showcased at the Shanghai City Pavilion during the Milan Expo 2015 from June 9 –17.

Inspired by the classic European S Chair in the middle of 17th century, S Chair is also referred as “lovers seat”, “conversation chair” or “tete-a-tete” (face-to-face in french). Its distinctive serpentine form with S shape backseat and a shared armrest encourage two people to meet and enjoy conversation.

While Silk Road was first originated in Han Dynasty (206BC – 220AD) with a long history spanning over 2000 years, this over 6000km trade route and network across China, India, Mediterranean Sea and Europe not only promoted the exchanges of goods, services, knowledge, beliefs and ideas, but also brought long lasting impact on economic, political and cultural interaction between East and West.

Symbolizing Silk Road and Sharing, the “SILKROAD” is a representation of East and West, Past and Present, Classic and Contemporary, Craftsmanship and Technology, Functionality and Humanity, Men and Women, Yin and Yang.

All handmade with dark walnut wood and solidly engineered with precise joinery work, milling, sanding and impeccable finish, the collection includes two seaters with three different backrest heights and a four seated bench ideal for public space.

21 August 2015
12:00pm – 8:30pm

22 August 2015
11:00am – 7:00pm

23 August 2015
11:00am – 6:00pm

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre