Curv8 by Bolefloor

Have you ever imagined a wood floor or wall composed of curved planks? Traditionally we expect wood to be straight and we at Thicas Interiors are excited to share with you a new possibility to make your project truly alive!

With Curv8 we can bring nature even more so into our living or working spaces: each Curv8 module consists of 8 curved boards and fits perfectly with every other Curv8 module, making an endless natural looking pattern possible without noticeable repetition.

As a designer, this product provides another dimension to the typical standard flooring that is in the market. You can impress your clients by designing exclusive interiors with Curv8.

Quite simply it is beauty beneath your feet. Curv8 by Bolefloor mimics nature to create designs which evoke intrigue and are one-of-a-kind.

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21 August 2015
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23 August 2015
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