IDFFHK is an event for the entire Asia Pacific region. With the rise of luxury-style living in Asia, IDFFHK provides a dynamic platform for high-end design brands to interact with visitors and target customers, reinforcing their identity and positioning in the Asian market.

As a world class city in terms of both business and art, and a place where eastern and western cultures meet and synergise, Hong Kong is also a gateway city for mainland China. With its rule of law and open society, Hong Kong is proud to play host to many the world's most prestigious international events every year, and continues to take centre stage in representing Asia before the world.

The three-day IDFFHK will welcome over 10,000 visitors – ranging from trade visitors, including architects, interior designers, property developers, retailers, hoteliers and distributors, to members of the public. The atmosphere will be both professional and informal, with optimal opportunities for personal interaction and networking.

A global promotion campaign across a diverse range of media platforms has been conducted in Hong Kong, China, Asia and beyond, reaching out to every corner of the globe.


Reasons to Exhibit in IDFFHK

  • With its central location in Asia, Hong Kong is a global international hub, directly accessible to business contacts in mainland China and the rest of the Asia Pacific region.
  • The property market dominates the economy of Hong Kong, driving demand for design and creating trends that are echoed in markets in mainland China and beyond.
  • The luxury buying habits of Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals from mainland China still favour Hong Kong over other cities in China, as such consumers are attracted by Hong Kong’s tax-free arrangements, the standard of its customer service and the overall sophistication of the retail experience here.
  • Hong Kong remains the ultimate destination for luxury purchases. UHNW consumers are in search of more exclusivity and personalisation from luxury brands, and the IDFFHK platform offers a unique opportunity for brands to hone their positioning.
  • As a society, Hong Kong’s sophistication owes much to its status as a melting pot for the cultures of East and West. Welcoming international business and exclusive international events, along with New York and London it is one of the top three art auction centres in the world, helped by its celebrated free port status and lack of a sales tax.
  • Hong Kong’s sophisticated financial, business and legal arrangements, along with the high level of efficiency in its logistics and service sectors, sets world-class standards.
  • Hong Kong affords the greatest of respect for creativity and originality, and takes seriously the enforcement of laws relating to the infringement of property rights.
  • IDFFHK will be laid out stylishly and attractively, with expert attention given to all elements of design. Both the spaces created and the events and workshops hosted are intended to elevate consumers’ knowledge of and interest in luxury living.
  • A dynamic marketing and communications campaign has been orchestrated to attract UHNW visitors from Hong Kong, mainland China and beyond. Our VIP package tours, in collaboration with award-winning airlines, include 5-star hotel accommodation, dining at Michelin star restaurants and VIP access.
  • Held in design-conscious and design-driven Hong Kong, IDFFHK can benefit exhibitors looking to build business relationships and alliances with major Asian property developers, hoteliers, architects, interior designers and connoisseur consumers. The fair provides the ideal platform for brands to interact directly with Asia’s expanding base of affluent and discerning consumers.

25 August 2017
12:00pm – 6:00pm

26 August 2017
11:00am – 7:00pm

27 August 2017
11:00am – 6:00pm

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre