Mr Chan Tea Room

Recognized as a connoisseur in Tea Culture and for his‘Oriental Passion Western Harmony’ design philosophy, Alan Chan’s works and collections have been awarded globally.

Since 1990s, Alan had established tea houses in Hong Kong and Japan and designed for countless tea brands such as “Mr. Chan”by KIRIN in 1999.

 In 2016, he collaborated with Louis Vuitton in Paris, bridging east and west culture through his “Journey of Tea” travel trunk design. 

Alan’s artistic expression of tea culture is evident in the new addition to the ‘Silk road’ furniture collection. Inspired by the 17th Century Victorian courting bench, the sculptural piece is handcrafted in dark walnut wood and adorned with Asian aesthetics.

XIYAN,a contemporary designer tea ware, is also introduced. Inheriting ancient wisdoms, the black steel collection is fashioned in simple and stylistic designs.

For tea aficionados who enjoy the art and wisdom of savouring tea, this exhibition sets the scene for a one-of-a-kind tea appreciation experience.

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