Despite the socio-economic ups and downs over the years, Hong Kong has never stopped taking great strides forward to overcome challenges one after another - and along the way also comes the collective memory of this city that never fades. Locals are not just looking back to cherish these fond memories, but also looking forward to all sorts of advances in a city well-known for its lightening speed of change and top efficiency. Curated by Dr. Patrick Leung, 10 local designers have come together as a group titled 10CC to collaborate on this creative circle. Each member of a different background and generation nevertheless shares the same passion and dedication to their designs. On this occasion in particular, they have come together to ignite the spark of creativity and create unique pieces with their personal insights into daily lives in Hong Kong. The resulting personal philosophy, but also carry messages which will invite new interpretations over time and across cultures. Ultimately, this is the Lion Rock Spirit of Hongkongers: flexible, self-improving, persevering, and most of all, always ready for hands-on hard work to defy destiny - and such spirit embodied in the exhibition "Creative Circle Hong Kong" should surely strike a chord with visitors.

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