IDFFHK 2017 A Revolutionary New Experience   |  HK Convention and Exhibition Centre

LUXURY has arrived.

A chair is not just a chair. A table is not just a table.

With good design, a chair becomes art, a table becomes masterpiece.

The innate properties and qualities of lines, shapes and materials are such that, imbued with craftsmanship and the application of technology, mere tangible items can become beautiful objects of luxury living.

IDFFHK places strong emphasis on translating and communicating passion and knowledge for exquisite design and heritage craftsmanship. It offers a space for appreciation – and a dynamic platform for luxury lifestyle brands to grow and thrive in the Asia Pacific region.

An enthralling mix of some of the best design from around the world will be displayed under one roof, across three exciting zones, at Hong Kong’s Convention and Exhibition Centre, as the Pearl of the Orient marks the inaugural edition of this global showcase for luxury living.

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